Which is the best design for an e-commerce website?

There are huge differences between an e-commerce website and the rest because it is special. An e-commerce site allows users to browse through various commodities before they buy them and also allows users to pay the purchases online.

This is really wonderful because it was not visualized two decades back. So, what are the features or designs that one would expect from an e-commerce site to make it popular?

Friendly User interface
The user interface should be friendly enough so that customers can use them without any difficulty, a bit like the restaurant deals Manchester pages. Starting from the home page the site must guide the user to breeze through the pages containing various commodities. The introductory page should work as a guide and aptly display the categories of products available within the online store so that the user has no difficulty in locating the category of a particular product.

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Clear display of product description
The page design should be such that it is clearly able to depict the products and its specification so that consumers can read through the content and determine on the purchase. If you’re trying to advertise Bierkeller Manchester, it should do so simply. It is important to depict the prices, discounts, and special offers in clear and easy terms under each product.

Multi-angled product view
This is one aspect every consumer looks forward to when deciding to buy product online. By providing the facility to view products from every possible angle and enlarged view, an e-commerce web page becomes a potent weapon to get the viewers interested in the particular product.

Online payment facility
This one is a must otherwise the purpose of online shopping would look ridiculous. By proving this facility the website makes it convenient for the shoppers and also for the owner. While providing this transaction facility to the customer the website should also provide adequate security to the customer data exchanged during the payment process.

A designer can make it a success by keeping the above thing in mind while designing an e-commerce website.