Leading web designing trends

There were several web designing trends which were marked last year and are still in use now and would without a doubt take off in 2014. There were several trends last year, which is still around this year also and are well-practiced.

Since 2014 has come up, let’s have a lot at some of the latest web designing trends which one could be looked forward to.

  1. Non boring typography

Typography is getting more and more practiced globally. Designers are practicing new types of font types. One trend with types that we could expect in the coming year is fonts with personality. ‘Fonts with Personality’ are types of font which feel like they could stand on their own. Designers are finding varied kinds of fonts which add to their store, arsenal and add uniqueness and personality to their web designs.

  1. Flat design

When something is designed to work beautifully, it is apt to look that way, as well. Check out the Manchester discount card website to see where it’s done well. Be it a simple fuzzy photo in the background with the heading centered in the central point, or else a more complicated one. The areas are swiftly restoring sliders like the new attention-grabbers, and they are becoming progressively more elaborate and creative.

  1. Sliders replaced By Large Hero Areas

Large hero areas, like, the “intro” area, generally an image with little text, at the top of a website) on home page of site is running uncontrolled and it is a trend which we don’t see going away in 2014 either. They are swiftly taking over real estate on websites where sliders are present.

  1. Heavier Focus On Mobile

Now that approachable web design is getting widely popular, we have starting digging websites deeper into the mobile lifestyles. Web designers are progressively working on keeping their sites functional on mobile; however programmers are taking it a step further.