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          聘请专业的上门维修服务炉 是绝对必要的。



          But, many of the smaller parts of a home furnace system are prone to breaking down. And, when something does need repair or replacement, it’s hard to tell where to start without the proper training and experience.

          Most all issues with home furnace systems are caused by a lack of maintenance and tune-ups. A full, end-to-end home furnace tune-up will ensure all components are operating at optimal efficiency and clearly indicate what furnace repair parts are needed.

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          1. 恒温器 - 最全的家加热炉系统由温控器上运行,有时ESTA温控器不工作时出现。


            The thermostat could also stop working altogether. Whether it doesn’t read the switches correctly or stops sending a signal to a home heating system, these types of fixes are best done by a trained professional.

          2. 断路器 - 老房子将有断路器跳闸,他们很容易,他们关闭的意思时,他们与电力需求过载。

            You can check your circuit breaker by opening up your electrical circuit breaker box and seeing if any of the switches are tripped. This is indicated by whether any of the switches are pointing toward the “Off” position.

            If you have an old home, you may need a new circuit board, or a furnace system that doesn’t demand as much power. For a full furnace system replacement, make sure to call a professional home heating service.

          3. 安全开关 - 也被称为“限位开关”,这一安全功能将关闭炉是否有过热的危险。

            Overheating often happens to older systems, especially if additions have been added to a home with an outdated heating system. If you haven’t replaced your home heating system since having an addition - or it’s a very old system - it may need to be completely replaced.

          4. 堵塞的过滤器 - 你家加热炉的过滤器捕获空气中的过敏原,并填满您的家保持排放。ai_furnacesystems_2

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          5. 炉放置保养 - 你的炉周围的区域必须在任何时候都可以从杂物清理干净和自由。

            Most furnaces are placed in basements within homes, and basements are often not as regularly cleaned as the rest of the house. Moisture and dust wear down metal components, while also risking a potential fire hazard.

            Make sure, as part of annual maintenance, to thoroughly clean the area around the furnace. Additionally, placing any storage items in or around your furnace makes maintenance and servicing more difficult for yourself and qualified technicians.

          6. 火焰燃烧器 - 一炉只能作为正常工作ITS燃烧器火焰一样有价值。没有一个一致的和稳定的燃烧器火焰,你的家庭将不会被加热,和您的家庭炉系统将开始浪费燃料。



          7. 高炉风机 - 你的高炉风机循环散热的目的是通过炉在您的家中产生。如果发动机或风扇工作不正常,家庭炉系统过热。ai_furnacesystems_3

            To save on fuel and potentially large repair costs, monitoring the activity of your furnace blower is crucial. A trained technician checks the electrical supply, along with the flow of heated air throughout your duct system.

          8. 通风口和管道 - 你的家庭炉系统将热量传递至整个家庭的方式是管道和通风口。

            有时,管可以被撕裂或脱落,允许热逃跑在墙壁和阁楼空间。 ESTA提出一个更大的负担,因为它使用更多的燃料,以适当加热你家你家的供暖系统。


          9. 电点火或导频控制 - 你有没有忘记当你煮东西放水?没有飞行员或点火正常,你家的炉系统停止做的工作 - 热你的家。


        • 加热和快速循环 - 你的炉启动和停止所有的时间来工作需要根据热你的家。

          A proper heating cycle will not be too quick, the length of which is determined by the size of the home. This is an adjustment made when the furnace system is installed, and best done by a trained technician.

        • 正确的人选


          Yet, having trained and experienced technicians is a safety consideration along with a financial one. If any of these above issues are not dealt with correctly you could face extensive repairs or possibly replacement of your entire oil furnace or gas furnace system.

          今天就联系我们 要了解如何让你的家庭供暖系统的工作来为你工作。



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